Privacy Policy

Last revised: 5/22/2018

  1. Name of Data Controller
    Medothic GmbH

  2. Owner(s), Directors, Managing Directors or other executives in accordance with the statutory provisions or the Articles of Association and other individuals in charge of data processing
    Managing Director of Methodic GmbH:
    Harald Hültl

    Data Protection Officer of Medothic GmbH
    Susan Pope

  3. Address of Data Controller
    Medothic GmbH
    Dr.-Mack-Str. 88
    90762 Fürth

  4. Collection, Processing, or Use of Data
    • We observe any of the applicable codes of conduct and confidentiality rules in the area of market research, including the policies of the Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt-und Sozialforschungsinstitute (ADM), the European Association of Pharmaceutical Market Research (EphMRA), and the German Federal Data Protection Act.

    • Any personal data obtained by Medothic GmbH will be collected, stored, processed and used in compliance with the applicable laws. Access to this data will be exclusively granted subject to the applicable laws.

    • Participation in studies is voluntary. The survey participants may end their participation in a study at any time without giving reasons. Furthermore, prior to the recording of personal data the consent of the data subject will be obtained.

    • All personal data will be treated in strict confidence and shall only be used for research purposes in their aggregated form. They shall not be passed on to third parties that do not work for Medothic GmbH, with the exception of court orders or statutory duties.

    • Secondary purposes are
      • HR data
      • Recruitment data
      • Supplier and service provider data
      • Data of customers or prospects

    Personal information

    For the purpose of meeting the above objectives, personal data of the following groups of individuals will be collected, processed and used:
    • survey participants (personal data, such as name and addresses will only be collected and processed in surveys, if the participants provide us with this data upon their own request, e.g., for participation in incentive programs, the IP address for quality assurance, communication, IT security),
    • employees (HR data),
    • applicants (recruitment management),
    • customers, prospects, suppliers, service providers (contact person and relevant business transactions)

    Customer data

    • Basic contact data
      Form of address, name, first name, email account, phone, position, company name, type of company, country, company address

    • In addition, when requesting a quote or offer:
      Field time of study, title of study, places where study is to be carried out, duration of survey

      If necessary, further details on the study, deadline for submitting quote or offer, type of study, requested special services. If you commission us with a project, we need the information that is required for issuing an invoice under German tax law.

    In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, data subjects may contact us free of charge if they should have any questions regarding the collection, processing or use of their personal data. To the extent applicable, justifiable, and not conflicting with legal retention periods or other rights, this shall include the right to rectification, data portability, deletion, restriction or withdrawal of the granted consent. Likewise, data subjects have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

    In order to exercise their rights, data subjects are requested to contact the data controller.

    WHO will receive data in which form?

    Generally, personal data of survey participants will not be passed on to the clients of our market research projects. Personal data provided during a survey will be used and processed by Methodic for statistical purposes only. The survey results are anonymous and will be processed in their anonymized form.

    Customers will receive access to personal data - if at all - only for legitimate research purposes. In this event, the family name, address, or phone number of the participants recruited for the study, or the originals of the recruitment from which personal data may be collected will not be disclosed to customers.

    Furthermore, our customers are also obligated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Any information of this kind that is passed on to our customers will be exclusively used for market and public opinion research purposes.

    Personal data collected for secondary purposes will only be used by in-house departments and exclusively for executing the corresponding secondary purpose tasks.

    External contractors (e.g., external moderators) may also be provided with personal data. These contractors will be bound to contract provisions that forbid the passing on of address data to third parties, any use beyond the particular purpose, e.g., interviewing, and that require these parties to delete them immediately afterwards.

    If you provide us with your own or a third party’s personal data - or if third parties provide us with this information - we will never pass on or sell this data for commercial purposes. We use this data only for the above described purposes for which you provided it to us. Storage and use of the collected data is not subject to a time limit until you withdraw your consent. You may object to a further use/storage at any time.

    HOW can I see/edit my stored data?

    • Update of your personal data
      If you wish to contact us in connection with a rectification or update of your personal data, please write to

    • Inspection of your personal data
      If you wish to inspect the stored personal data, please write to

    • Deletion of your personal data
      If you wish to request the deletion of your personal data from our records, please write to

    • In the event of general questions, problems, or complaints in connection with your personal data and/or data protection for customers, please send an email to or write to Medothic GmbH, Dr. Mack- Straße 88, 90762 Fürth, Germany.

  5. Cookies and other Tracking Methods
    This website uses cookies. Cookies enable us to understand how visitors use our website so that we can improve it and offer you the best possible experience. By using our website, you grant your consent to the use of cookies.
    Methodic uses standard web methods such as cookies and web beacons and tags and scripts to collect navigation information for tracking website visits by individual users and on an aggregated level.

  6. Deletion of Data
    Personal data will be deleted after the discontinuation of the defined purpose and in accordance with the statutory deletion periods.

    In the case of survey participants, this is usually the incentive program and/or the completion of the market research project plus a certain waiting period (e.g., for callbacks regarding the incentive processes).

  7. Modifications and Amendments
    This Privacy Policy may be modified or amended, as required. For instance, due to new case law on data protection issues. If we change our data protection practices, we may modify and/or amend this Privacy Policy accordingly. We recommend visiting our website and reviewing our Privacy Policy on a regular basis in order to read the most current information on our data protection practices and to decide whether you still agree with our Privacy Policy.